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"Change happens through


and movement



~Joseph Pilates
Pilates Class on Reformers

Our Services


The method involves performing a series of exercises on specially designed equipment known as the Gyrotonic Expansion System.


Builds strength, challenges balance, cross-trains on multiple planes and improves endurance and agility.

Clinical Somatics

Hanna Somatics is a safe, gentle, and common sense approach to reverse chronic pain.

Teacher Trainings

Take a look at our times and schedules for upcoming teacher training sessions.


Experience Deep Relaxation with Our Massage Services

Physical Therapy

Achieve Your Health Goals with Our Physical Therapy Services


Get Lashes That Stand Out with Our Expert Techniques

Group Classses

Discover a new level of fitness with Pilates and Motion  Group Classes.


What kind of exercise resonates with you?

At Pilates And Motion, we offer a diverse array of exercise options, including Pilates, Somatic exercises, and GYROTONIC® Exercise. Just as Joe Pilates famously proclaimed, movement possesses the remarkable ability to heal and transform lives.

Despite being a small studio, we leave a profound impact. Our goal is to make it your most cherished sanctuary, where you experience genuine care and love. Whether you seek relaxation, empowerment, or inspiration to embrace your bravery, this is the place for you.

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21322 Provincial Blvd

Katy, TX 77450



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Opening Hours

Monday 8:15 AM–7:30 PM

Tuesday 8:15 AM–3:45 PM

Wednesday 8:15 AM–7 PM

Thursday 8:15 AM–6 PM

Friday 8:15 AM–5:15 PM

Saturday 7:45 AM–4 PM

Sunday 10 AM–12 PM

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